Ross Brandon putting headphones onFree hearing and hearing aid health checks will be available to adults over 21 until March 11, 2016. Australian Hearing has partnered with Sigma Pharmaceuticals and participating Amcal, Max and Guardian pharmacies to deliver the non-invasive hearing checks.  The test which also includes those with a fitted hearing aid, takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and involves people listening to sounds while wearing headphones. During the consultation people will learn their results and receive advice on what to do next. This may include an invitation to attend a full hearing assessment with a clinician which is available at no cost to pensioners.

“A free and simple hearing check can help prompt those who may be noticing signs of hearing loss to take the first step,” said Australian Hearing head of clinical support, Wendy Pearce.  One in six Australians have hearing loss and this rate doubles for those aged over 60 years. On average, most people wait seven years before seeking help.

People with hearing loss can experience the following:

  • Tinnitus – a ringing sensation in the ears – also whistling, buzzing and/or hissing in the ears
  • Difficulty hearing people on the phone
  • Asking people to repeat themselves
  • Complaints that the TV is too loud
  • Stopping participating in activities once enjoyed
  • A feeling of isolation

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