Guide Dogs NSW/ACT is running a campaign to raise driver awareness of pedestrians. This is in response to new figures from a survey that showed a one-in-two blind or vision impaired person had experienced a ‘near miss’ with a vehicle over the past five years while trying to cross the road.

The figures also revealed that one in 15 have been struck by a vehicle: 53 per cent from a car, 18 per cent from a bicycle and 11 per cent by a bus.

“Most incidents occur with cars not stopping or giving way at a marked pedestrian crossing,” said Guide Dogs NSW/ACT CEO, Dr Graeme White. “Other common incidents experienced when crossing roads involved drivers flashing lights, honking horns, shouting instructions or even getting out of the car to physically assist.”

The community campaign involves a TV service announcement and an educational video highlighting ‘Do’s & Don’ts for motorists. The initiative was launched to coincide with International White Cane Day, and was supported by the NSW Government, the NRMA, the NSW Police Force and Centre for Road Safety, Transport NSW.

Caption: NSW Disability Services Minister, John Ajaka with vision impaired yachtsman, Tony Purkiss, launching International White Cane Day.