Kymberly Martin

Freedom Discovery DCP12 Tricycle

The DCP 12 gives children Freedom to get out and join their friends as they grow up and learn to cycle together.  It provides excellent stability and fits through standard door openings, making it a popular choice in schools and therapy settings. 


It is designed for kids aged 4-8 years with adjustability in mind, allowing the bike to grow with your child, ensuring you get as many years of enjoyment out of the bike as possible.

With the DCP 12, kids can be kids, even during a physical therapy session.

This adaptive bike provides quality of life and lifestyle to those with limited mobility options, providing normalcy and a sense of freedom. 


Benefits include:

  • Improved range of motion
  • Proper hip-to-foot positioning
  • Development of balance and self-support
  • Improved motor planning
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Fitting process ensures natural hip positioning
  • Strengthening of anti-gravity muscles
  • Stabilised bike with parking brake for transferring
  • Quick release locks help swing bike components out of the way for transferring
  • Improvements in overall mobility.

Among the features are: Adjustable crank and sprocket system to accommodate spastic legs or different leg lengths;12-inch never-go-flat tyres with aluminium rims; independently adjustable handlebars with telescopic posts; supportive seating system with multiple options to add additional harnesses or head supports; T-Bar used as a brake mount or caregiver handle with the option to add rear steering; and bike essentials such as: safety flag, wheel reflectors, animal squeaky horn, multi-tool and bell.

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