Technology was a highlight to emerge from the recent Learning Difference Convention.

Held in Sydney on November 1-2, the event attracted over 1000 visitors.  For many it was discovering the important role multimedia technology can play in supporting those not just with learning disabilities but for students who might be finding school challenging.

Event organiser, Jillian Zocher, said the workshops, set up by Apple Computers, were so popular and inspirational that extra workshops would form part of next year’s convention.  There would also be additional teaching workshops and an expanded seminar program with full professional accreditation.

A key speaker at the event was Bernadette McLean. Principal of the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre in the UK, who has been honoured by the Queen as the ‘dyslexia pioneer of the 20th Century.’

Zocher said being able to interact with experts in their respective fields added to the success of the convention. “No one left the convention without being asked for feedback and everyone was positive and full of praise.”

Next year’s event will be held at the Rosehill Convention Centre, from August 6-7.