Autism CRC is seeking community feedback on the draft of Australia’s first national guideline for supporting children with autism and their families.

The National Guideline builds on Autism CRC’s landmark report Interventions for children on the autism spectrum: A synthesis of research evidence.

Autism CRC research strategy director, Professor Andrew Whitehouse said the guideline was based on consultation with more than 700 community members and represented a critical step forward in the support of children with autism in Australia.

“Up to this point, Australia has not had a national guideline in this area,” he said. “This guideline was developed with the aim of helping all autistic children and their families in Australia receive safe, effective and desirable supports.”

Guideline co-chair associate professor David Trembath said with the release of the draft the community has the opportunity to provide feedback and recommendations. “If implemented, it would ensure a clear framework through which autism practices and standards would be regulated in Australia.  This Guideline will empower families to make informed decisions around how best to support their child,” he said.

The draft Guideline is released for community consultation until August 29, 2022. All members of the community are encouraged to provide feedback with the final Guideline set to be released in October.

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