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Disability Employment Conference

The Disability Employment Australia 2024 Conference is scheduled to take place on June 11-13, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Melbourne.

This conference aims to address critical issues related to disability employment and explore opportunities for reform and inclusion. Key topics to be discussed include:

  • DES Contract Reforms likely starting in July 2025, will be a central focus. Attendees will have the chance to hear directly from the government about their priorities for the future and collectively respond to shape the reformed DES objectives.
  • NDIS Employment Outcome-Centric Approach: The NDIS Review has set a clear direction toward a more employment outcome-centric approach. Speakers will discuss practical implications and the role of disability employment providers within the NDIS framework.
  • Employer Engagement and Diversity: The Royal Commission and The Employment White Paper emphasise expecting more from employers. The conference will explore ways to foster lasting employer commitment to diversity and inclusion, including promoting disability employment through procurement.

For details visit: www.dea.cw3.events

June 11 June 13

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