Theorem continues to redefine the power lift recliner industry with the introduction of Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Integrated into Theorem’s website, AR allows you to experience their range in your own environment.

“This tool is a game-changer for us. It empowers our customers to envision our chairs in their homes before making a significant decision.” remarked Darren Rose, Director of Sales and Marketing at Theorem.

In addition to the AR feature, each product is now showcased in immersive 3D. This feature enables you to explore every detail and witness the chair’s key functions in action. The comprehensive 3D view consolidates the entire range into one accessible platform.

The next phase elevates user experience by using the AR feature to project the 3D product and its functions into the real world.

In 2023 Theorem introduced their ground-breaking app-controlled power lift recliner, the ‘Winslow.’ Building on this innovation, 2024 sees the introduction of a height-adjustable headrest and a petite option to the Winslow design.

Accessing Theorem’s AR technology is simple: scan the QR code with your smart device, select your desired model and colour, and seamlessly visualize the chair in your living space. Experience its functionality firsthand before making your purchase decision.

Theorem Power Lift Recliners combine cutting-edge technology with unparalleled comfort to provide users with an enhanced seating experience. With features such as AR integration, 3D viewing capabilities, and innovative designs like the app-controlled ‘Winslow,’ Theorem is revolutionizing the power lift recliner industry. Whether it’s visualizing how a chair will fit into your home or experiencing its functionality firsthand, Theorem empowers customers to make informed decisions and enjoy ultimate relaxation.

For more information on Theorem’s product offering or to view the full range, please visit their website