Kymberly Martin

Elevate your activities with PDG’s Elevation

The Elevation by PDG is a unique and highly adaptable wheelchair for the active user. The Elevation is a rigid ultralight chair that allows the user to embrace daily activities at work and play. The dynamic seat height and backrest adjustment features let the user adjust sitting position to suit their current environment and activity.


Inventor, Jamie Borisoff, PhD, is a rehabilitation engineer and a manual wheelchair user. He put his scientific mind toward designing and building a wheelchair that helped him deal with life on his own terms, specifically, to increase his access to working at laboratory bench tops, while ensuring increased efficiency pushing his wheelchair around the community.

The ultra-lightweight wheelchair seat can easily be raised and lowered 25 centimetres, lowered to make it more stable and efficient for movement and raised to a level so a person can work at a desk, type on a computer, engage socially and access shelving heights at grocery stores.

The backrest that can be adjusted 30 degrees, allowing for positional changes throughout the day to increase comfort while still allowing for a closed back angle to support efficient propulsion.


Dynamic, easy, on the fly adjustments responding to life’s everyday encounters is what the Elevation is all about.

Linds Rehabilitation Equipment supports wheelchair technology that enhance the end users to increase their access opportunities.

To find out more about the Elevation and book your trial, contact Linds Rehab for your local dealer: [email protected] or PH: (03) 9796 3399.

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