The Obi robotic feeding device is designed to mimic the human arm during eating and allows users who require an eating aid to eat independently and enjoyably at their own pace. This user-friendly, smart and stylish companion uses smooth movements and sits inconspicuously within a dinner placemat.

To operate the device, users can attach two accessibility switches to it, one to toggle between the different food compartments and the other triggers the arm to feed. The rechargeable battery lasts two to four hours while the robotic arm has the agility to scrape the sides of the bowls as well as pick up different items. Food can be easily repositioned for pickup and the intuitive controls reduce food spills.

If the arm is obstructed before reaching its destination, the device backs away and waits for the feeding command again. Its lightweight design allows the device to be easily carried. Obi also delivers social advantages and gives users the opportunity to have contact with others when eating.

For more information go to: www.handirehab.com.au or PH: 08 8276 1300