Dyna has been a professional manufacturer and exporter of DynaForm seating elements since the 1990s. Dyna develops, manufactures and markets their unique seating elements, which are based on the hammock principle, as well as a variety of DynaParts, which can also be used on all types of wheelchair brands.

By using high quality materials with specific properties, Dyna has developed a seating element that directly transforms and adapts to the contours of the user when seated. Dyna’s technically sophisticated products are recommended by many professionals and are intended for those who need more support and comfort than conventional seats and backrests can offer.

DynaForm is available in nine sizes with comprehensive DynaParts, and mountable on various tilt-in-space wheelchair frames. DynaParts are also available separately and can be mounted on tilt-in-space wheelchair frames.

For more information or to book a product demonstration, go to: www.megalongpositioning.com.au