Undoing a seat belt when a vehicle is moving is no longer possible with this new driver-activated device. Described as two seat belts in one, the Stay-Put lockable seat belt buckling system looks and operates like any standard seat belt buckle when the security lock is not in operation.

It comes with a dashboard module that once switched on the driver can then activate or deactivate any of the security controlled buckles by pressing the appropriate button.

The unit is fitted with coloured lights that indicate when the seat belt security locks are on, or if the security tongue has not been fitted. Safety features include a cut-out switch that deactivates the locking system in an accident. The locking system cannot stay in a locked position if there is no power for the locking unit. Once the vehicle engine is turned off the system will not operate. The system control box is designed to cope with any voltage and temperature adjustments and automatically reduces voltage to a safe level once it is activated.

The system can be used with any approved restraint sytem.

The device will be launched at the ATSA Expo in Sydney on May 13-14 with demonstrations and a test unit on the Freedom Motors stand.

For more information email: abc37383@bigpond.net.au