Public comment invited for mobility access in public areas. Standards Australia has prepared a draft Technical Specification for public comment on requirements for designation of powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters on public transport and road-related areas. It specifies the minimum requirements necessary for these assistive products to access public transport, footpaths and other road-related areas.  A conforming powered wheelchair or mobility scooter will have either a Blue or White Label, to assist operators of these to choose products suitable for their intended use.

A White Label is for use on footpaths and road-related areas. A Blue Label indicates suitability for use on footpaths, road-related areas as well as compatibility with public transport access that is consistent with Disability Standards for Public Transport 2002 (DSAPT). This does not ensure access is possible in all cases as not all public transport is DSAPT accessible.

Comments are invited on the technical content, wording and general arrangement of the draft by August 1, 2107.

For comment go to the following link: