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Don’t miss ATSA Expo Canberra – Register NOW

ATSA Independent Living Expo Canberra is just weeks away and now is the time to register and make sure you secure your spot to attend some seminar sessions. There are more than 20 sessions taking place over two days, all free to attend, each session open to all visitors.


Register now – seats are limited.

Speaking for the first time at an ATSA event is Silvia Gonzalez, joined by long-time favorite Lois Brown (both from ILS) who will present Rehab Moving with Intent – What Power Tilt and Recline Can Do!

We may be more familiar with the application of Power Tilt for our clients, but what about power recline? How do the two interact and what does this mean for posture and function?


The role of occupational therapy driving instructors and orientation mobility specialists in the bioptic driving framework will be presented for the first time at ATSA by Belinda O’Connor, Bioptic Drivers Australia (BDA) & Chuck Huss, COMS.

Bioptic driving in Australia is building momentum as more people with central vision loss become aware of the technology. Bioptic driving has a long history of practice and research internationally and practice in Australia.

Join Mitchell Stone, Sunrise Medical when he presents Get me out of here, Manual Wheelchair add on Devices. This highly engaging workshop will describe the diverse equipment available to manual wheelchair users to get out in the community.

More than 65 exhibitors are already signed up – check out the current exhibitor list here

Some of the latest exhibitors to join include:

RoboFit – Powered by the latest medical advancement, RoboFit uses neuro-controlled exoskeletons to make the future of rehabilitation accessible today. Combining Neuroscience and cutting-edge wearable technology, the Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) can be used to remap neural pathways and allow the wearer to achieve what was previously unthinkable.

Vera Living provides outstanding Specialist Disability Accommodation for people living with disability across Australia. They are passionate about the accessible design of their homes and how the right environment is crucial for each person to live their best life.

Eyes for Life Canberra (EFLC) provides advice, counselling, and support services to people of all ages who are coming to terms with, or living with, a vision impairment or have an eyesight problem.

EveryHuman – Too many people compromise their needs, independence or identity because they can’t access high-quality products that adapt to their needs. EveryHuman are here to solve that problem, and all that it represents.

Patient Support Systems – Market Leaders in Dynamic and Static Therapy Surface with a keen eye for innovation.

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ATSA Independent Living Expo: November 24-25, 2021. Exhibition Park, Canberra.