A game-changer. The long-awaited and highly anticipated Klaxon Twist is now available in Australia. This innovative power assist device (PAD) for manual wheelchairs is the newest member of the Klaxon family and has been developed by a team of equipment users and industrial designers. It encases features such as:

  • Multi-configuration allowing you to connect via the front or rear
  • Lightweight and manoeuverable to accompany you on every journey
  • Compact and elegant design

The standout benefit of the Twist is the option to have both rear and front mount (handlebar or hands-free) on the device. This opens up access to multiple environments where one device can provide benefits in optimising occupation engagement and preserving the user’s overall physical and mental well-being.

The Twist is agile and reliable on different types of terrain, uphill and downhill, on gravel, on rough and uneven ground. Fast and manoeuvrable, it is made of high quality materials and with innovative technologies, such as integrated LED lights and powered braking. The special foldable handlebar offers even more riding comfort and more speed. It connects to the Twist with a plug-in system.

With Twist you can check your settings and usage statistics directly on the display of your Smartphone. You can easily program speed and braking parameters or view the battery consumption.

For more information on the Klaxon Twist or to locate your closest dealer, contact the team at APEX Mobility on 1300 212 192 or email sales@apexmobility.com.au. You can also visit our website at www.apexmobility.com.au.