Choosing the right Assistive Technology (AT) provider means ensuring excellent after-sales care. Astris PME has you covered! Ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of your AT equipment is essential for maintaining independence and safety. Small issues can escalate if left unaddressed, potentially leading to major problems. By enrolling in Astris PME’s Programmed Maintenance Plan, you can proactively address these issues and prevent avoidable downtime, safeguarding and extending the life of your equipment and helping you stay mobile.

AT equipment is usually highly complex, with multiple moving parts, often performing under the stress of daily use. Routine inspection checks with the backup of the Astris PME Programmed Maintenance Plan will help prolong the life of your equipment and enhance safety for users.

Astris PME’s Programmed Maintenance Plan offers the following benefits:

  • An experienced Astris PME service technician, specialising in AT equipment, will visit your location to inspect your equipment.
  • Your service technician will perform an assessment of your equipment, identifying any issues and inspecting crucial components such as harnesses, tyres, and brakes.
  • Your service technician will also look for any areas of fatigue which may have been caused by incorrect equipment usage, transport or storage, and provide guidance on proper equipment handling to prevent damage.
  • Necessary small parts (consumables) will be replaced during the service to ensure optimal performance.

To ensure better after-sales support for their clients, Astris PME has mobile service technicians in all branches servicing Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Canberra, Young, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Their fleet of mobile workshops can come to your home, school, hospital, or clinic, providing on-site repairs, maintenance, and adjustments.

Facilitating improvement in the quality of life and engagement in daily activities through the use of assistive technology should not end at the time of delivery and setup. Trust Astris PME for exceptional after-sales care!

Download the brochure to discover more about Astris PME’s Programmed Maintenance Plan, including how to sign up! Speak to your Astris PME AT Consultant and your Plan Manager to request this in your plan. Contact the Astris PME Service Department at 02 9135 6440 or email for further details and pricing. Even if they are not the original supplier of the equipment, search their website—if it’s on, they can service it.