Flying Fox, a youth-led organisation that works to provide opportunities for young people with disability and special needs, is now located at The Manders Villas in Melbourne.

Jewish Care and Flying Fox are separate organisations, but support many of the same clients. Given that Flying Fox is a small organisation, by moving into The Manders Villas, the two organisations will be able to share resources and take advantage of economies of scale.

“We’ve had great engagement with the work of Flying Fox from its inception and we know the great work they do for our community,” Jewish Care CEO, Bill Appleby said. “We support the lives of many of the same people in our community, so this was a natural progression of our relationship.”

Flying Fox runs recreational camps and short getaways throughout the year for young people and siblings of young people with special needs. The cornerstone of The Manders Villas is an inviting and inclusive communal hub used by tenants to run recreational programs, engage people living with a disability in the community, and for celebrations and special events. Community organisations including Our Village Kitchen, Our Kitchen Table, Zooz, Access Inc. and Maccabi All Abilities also regularly run programs at the hub.

Flying Fox CEO, Dean Cohen said of the agreement, “Jewish Care have been supporting Flying Fox from the beginning and we’re thrilled that we can continue to work together to deliver great and innovative services to our community by utilising the office space at The Manders Villas.”

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