MS Australia has launched an educational video, to demystify and explain a complex, and often at times, invisible disease that now impacts more than 33,000 Australians.

 The ‘What is MS?’ video is intended to help educate the general public and people living with MS, especially those newly diagnosed, about the causes, different types of MS and common symptoms of a condition that, as of now, has no cure.

MS Australia chief executive, Rohan Greenland said most Australians know that MS means multiple sclerosis, but don’t have a good understanding about what MS is.

“MS affects everyone differently. People living with MS will sometimes be well one day, and quite unwell the next. It is important for employers, family, carers and for others in the community to have a better understanding of how MS impacts people living with the condition,” he said.

MS Australia president, associate professor Des Graham lives with MS and agrees there is an inherent challenge in trying to explain MS.

“The public see someone with no visible symptoms and struggle to understand the challenges that individual is dealing with, or incorrectly assume there’s nothing wrong with them,” he said.

Of even greater concern, is the lack of understanding that extends to areas of government support such as the NDIS.

“Too often, people living with MS are denied the disability support they require and deserve. If you have MS, and are in a wheelchair the government may provide the support you require, but if your symptoms are less visible, you are too often left out in the cold.”