Get a glimpse of power chair evolution!

Discover the new QUICKIE Q700-M Series. The definition of power wheelchair design without compromise. Also available in the Q700-M UP featuring superior standing performance.

Enjoy the ultimate driving experience with the Q700 M, QUICKIE’s most advanced mid-wheel drive powered wheelchair! It features new SpiderTrac 2.0 suspension, advanced SEDEO ERGO biomechanical seating system and innovative controls with the ability to travel at your own pace when elevated with the C-ME function.

The Q700-UP M is the new flagship of the QUICKIE powered wheelchair platform that takes standing wheelchair technology to the next level – inside and out. With a simple touch of a button, be eye-to-eye with the world around you and enjoy all of the benefits of a standing wheelchair featuring the most advanced performance powerbase: speed, comfort and access to all areas. The Q700-UP M electric wheelchair also comes with SpiderTrac 2.0 suspension and additionally features the amazing SEDEO ERGO biomechanical seating system.

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Or, be sure to get up close and personal with the new Q700 M range by visiting the Sunrise Medical stand at the ATSA Expos: Melbourne Showground from May 16-17 and Perth at the Claremont Showground from May 30-31.