Kymberly Martin

COGY Pedal Wheechair – 100% Pedal Power

COGY is the world’s first wheelchair that moves by pedaling. This helps with improving leg function, strength and fitness. Pedaling in the COGY provides users with the same benefits as light aerobic exercise. For many wheelchair users, opportunities for being active can be limited.  COGY allows for lifestyle change by combining mobility with activity, allowing for regular use as well as sports and recreational use.


COGY is built on the principle that even the slightest movement of one leg creates a reflex reaction where the opposing paralysed limb will move. Manoeuvring and brakes can be applied by using one hand: the use of hands, legs, eyes and ears in sync allow for the perfect rehabilitation effect. Cycling in a seated position, the legs are less burdened and free from upper body weight.

The COGY comes in three sizes and is unmatched in recreational and rehabilitation activities offering 100 per cent pedal power. Fun, safe and light, suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces.

COGY will be on display at: ATSA Expo, May 25-26, Sydney Olympic Park. Halls 5 & 6.


To book a free trial email: [email protected] or call: 0402 228 363 or visit: