Cockburn City Council in Western Australia has adopted its 2023-2028 Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP), that includes the expansion of the city’s current employment and training pathways for people with disability.

The plan also encompasses six outcomes that focus on providing accessible services, information, buildings, customer service, complaint channels and public consultation.

Among a wide range of initiatives designed to achieve these outcomes, are ensuring new buildings exceed minimum disability requirements, that information about the city’s accessibility features and services are listed on its accessible website, and employees continue to participate in disability awareness training.

Disability Access and Inclusion officer Ben Rowe said the plan was the result of community consultation with various age and disability groups, along with a survey, formal and informal meetings and events.

“The draft plan was received positively, with more than 62 per cent of respondents satisfied with the plan, and the remainder neutral,” Rowe said.

A popular element of the plan was the inclusion of employment opportunities for people with disability that includes traineeships, specialist roles, volunteering, and work experience pathways for people with disability.

Mayor Logan Howlett said the city has made notable progress over many years to improve universal access for all. “The updated DAIP will continue to help us lead by example to encourage the community to embrace diversity and difference as part of the ‘norm’, every day,” he said.