In an industry first Cochlear implants now incorporate wireless accessories for clearer connection anywhere. Incorporating the latest 2.4CHz technology platform, the same as used by Bluetooth and Wi-fi devices, it delivers true wireless freedom without the interference and signal drops associated with traditional wireless systems. The accessories include a mini microphone, phone clip and TV streamer. Recipients can hear clearly in noisy situations or over a distance, use a mobile phone without having to take it out of a pocket and listen to TV while still hearing conversations around them.

For Megan Grant who was born deaf and legally blind, using the Cochlear mini microphone has opened up a new world of hearing for her. Working as a metro access project officer for Kingston City Council in Victoria she can now fully participate in work meetings and not miss a thing.

“The device is so small and unobtrusive, people are unaware that I am using it and I don’t need to get extra assistance in meetings.” Grant mostly uses the mini microphone to listen to music especially at the gym. “Because of its Bluetooth capabilities I can work out without having to worry about getting tangled in cabling. It is especially useful for my swimming coaching where, teamed with my waterproof Cochlear Aqua+, I can hear my coach up to 25 metres away.” Grant represented Australia in swimming at the 2000 Paralympic Games.

Smaller than a business card, the mini microphone is especially useful in classrooms and lecture halls where it is clipped onto a companion or teacher’s collar, transmitting the speech directly to the recipients’ sound processor. It can be plugged into other devices like an MP3 player or computer for enjoying sound with the freedom to move around. The lightweight phone clip with Bluetooth capability lets users make calls and listen to music on the go without interference from background noise. The TV streamer delivers stereo sound from a recipients TV to their sound processor while allowing them to hear conversations around them as well as adjusting the volume to suit.

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