ARIA Research has developed a non-surgical and non-invasive bionic vision aid in the form of a pair of glasses that enables blind and vision-impaired people accurate 3D perception of the wearers immediate environment via their natural sense of hearing.

The electronic vision aid, developed in collaboration with the University of Sydney, the University of Technology Sydney, Blind Citizens Australia and World Access for the Blind Australia, will go into clinical trials later this year.  

This breakthrough device is applicable to all forms of blindness regardless of underlying causes, does not require any surgical implantation and minimal training to achieve benefits.

It claims to have the ability to maintain orientation in new environments, allows for navigation of new environments without prior orientation, and for the wearer to identify and accurately reach for objects. There is no fatigue from sustained use, and it is able to be worn as an all-day, every-day device.

ARIA Research is looking for participants to trial the device. Go to: