A controller for gamers, beauty innovations, a wearable device and braille tablet for people with vision loss, a and a smart pillow, were a selection of new technology unveiled for people with disability at the Consumer Electronics Show in the US.

Sony has collaborated with accessible experts and announced a PlayStation 5 controller for gamers with disability. Dubbed Project Leonardo, pictured, it is a kit featuring a selection of buttons and sticks, customisable to suit individual needs and designed to lie flat on a wheelchair tray.

L’Oréal unveiled a battery-powered lipstick applicator called HAPTA and Brow Magic an eyebrow tool for people with limited hand and arm mobility that are expected to launch this year. The lipstick device is based on technology that assisted people with disability to eat without assistance.

For people who have vision loss or are blind there was eSight Go, a lightweight wearable device that can be worn for everyday use, enhancing vision that does not interfere with the wearer’s periphery. Another is Dot Pad, a tactile display that makes images to visually impaired users. It comprises 2,400 pins in a pixel-like grid that can be set up in braille or identifiable shapes.

Finally, there is the Dozzy Cozy smart pillow that automatically adjusts pillow height to accommodate different sleeping positions and comes with a music streaming function.

CES is the world’s biggest technology event held annually in January in Las Vegas.