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Celebrate IDPwD – Fearlessly living with disability

Six Australians living with disability have overcome Covid-19 and their own fears to take starring roles in an inspiring film series. The second season of Fearless,  a collection of six short films that shines a spotlight on people living boldly with disability, will premiere on December 3, the International Day of People with Disability.


From a young man with Down syndrome determined to compete in a grueling CrossFit event to a deaf and blind chef, these films are designed to shatter stereotypes and broaden the representation of disability on screen.

 Not-for-profit organisations Feros Care and Screenworks have again partnered for the project after the success of the inaugural season of Fearless, which shared stories of nine seniors aged 75 and older.

 Feros Care CEO, Jennene Buckley said the disability and aged care services provider was committed to challenging society’s perceptions of disability.


 “In a world where people with disability often fail to have their voices heard on screen, Fearless – Season 2 will introduce audiences to six remarkable people who are not only living full, bold and meaningful lives but inspiring others,” she said. “Each film explores how they have not been held back or defined by their disability and instead shown a fearlessness that has shaped their approach to life.”

 Screenworks CEO, Ken Crouch said the filmmakers had to overcome a lot of challenges this year as a result of both Covid-19 and the bushfires. “Each of these films is a testament to their determination to showcase these fearless people on the screen,” he said. Screenworks provides support, leadership and vision to advance regional, rural and remote screen industries.

  Among the stars of Fearless – Season 2 is Canberra teenager Michael Foster whose film The Team explores his journey with cerebral palsy, his love of wheelchair soccer and his touching relationship with the most important team in his life – his family.

 “Fearless is a great opportunity for me to tell the world ‘Yes, I have a disability but it’s not going to stop me from having a great life. It is a part of me but it doesn’t define who I am,” said the 17-year-old, who was urged to nominate for the project by his Feros Care local area coordinator. “Part of my job is to educate people about my disability and this film will help me do that. I’m not awkward about my situation so others shouldn’t be either.

 “My parents have always encouraged me to challenge myself and Fearless has certainly forced me to do that. It’s also made me reflect on how much my family do for me, especially my twin, Aaron, who I kindly let star in the film with me!.”

 Fearless: Season 2 premieres on December 3 with a special online event at:

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