Kymberly Martin

Autism Awareness Month helping increase inclusion and more

For Nikki Towill being a mother of children with special needs can be quite challenging for a variety of reasons.  And finding the right support that is both accessible and affordable is crucial to ensure she keeps a balance in the house, she told F2L.


Towill, pictured, is the mother of thirteen-year-old Savannah, who has high-functioning autism and her other children also experience conditions such as ADHD and anxiety.

Nikki has been using Mable, a two-sided online community connecting independent support workers to people with disability, since 2017.

“An extra pair of hands allows me to give Savannah and her siblings the support they need. Savannah has built great relationships with her Mable support workers who help with her schoolwork and social skills,” she said.


“Despite the unique challenges we face raising children with autism and disability, Savannah brings an incredible amount of joy into my life, and I learn so much from her.”

Autism is one of the most common disabilities experienced on the Mable platform, with 27.67 per cent of job posts seeking autism support.

It is estimated that one in 40 Australians are on the autism spectrum, with inclusivity in the autism community said to be still low.

Many of the physical, developmental or mental health challenges often associated with autism can result from a lack of respect, understanding and adequate support.

Autism Awareness Month in April goes a long way in providing a pivotal opportunity to increase inclusion and education within the community.