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It was an amazing two days. We enjoyed the chance to get feedback about our products from all different groups in the industry, from OTs, patients, nurses, distributors and retailers. Such a breath of exposure in such a short time, and space, is unique. A great experience.” Graham Tangey – StayDry.

From the outset the ATSA Melbourne Expo was destined to be a success with a high number of pre-registrations supported with a diversity of Assistive Technology (AT) exhibitors, backed up with a solid education program.

The event attracted more than 2500 allied health professionals and visitors which was a record for Melbourne. There was a consistent flow and genuine interest in what was been presented throughout the exhibition floor.

Speaking to F2L after the event, ATSA executive officer, David Sinclair said a common theme that came across from the 154 exhibitors was the wealth of innovative technology and new models that were on display. “Several attendees said that due to its size and product range the ATSA Living Expos have become key to keeping up-to-date with what is happing in the AT sector,” he said. “I came across several occupational therapists using the event to the greatest advantage by taking their clients around to select the most current and suitable AT.”

The Expo ran over 40 education programs with most sessions filled to capacity. “This demonstrated the need and importance of education of AT solutions to both the health care professionals and users of AT in understanding emerging technologies and solutions,” Sinclair said.

The inaugural Best New Product Awards will be voted by the industry from the Melbourne and Perth expos and announced in F2L on June 13. Six finalists have been announced from the 40 entries and include: the OrCam MyEye 2.0 from Quantum Reading Learning Vision; the Dura Bedding System from Crystal Healthcare Products; assessPLUS from Simavita Australia; EyeMobile Plus from Link Assistive; Sentida 7-I from Unicare Health and LiNX Electronics from Invacare.

“On behalf of the ATSA Committee, it was a pleasure to deliver the 2018 Melbourne ATSA Living Expo. As a not-for-profit organisation, with the support of Interpoint Events, we have delivered a world class event, at no cost to the community, providing access to the very best AT the industry offers, supported with a quality educational program,” Sinclair said.

On May the 15th ATSA held an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) for the purpose of members to adopt a new constitution. The reasons for change related to the need for ATSA to refresh its constitution to reflect the true national entity that provides opportunity for the continual development and growth of the association.

The change has opened the way for the ATSA Committee to consider other categories of association with ATSA. For example, Life Membership, Individual association, business who wish to be associated with ATSA as a Code of Practice business or supporting businesses, just to name a few.

Three resolutions that were passed unanimously:

*That Assistive Technology Suppliers Australasia Inc apply to NSW Fair Trading and to the Australian Securities & Investments Commission to be registered as a company limited by guarantee under the Corporations Act 2001.

*That the new name of the company limited by guarantee to be Assistive Technology Suppliers Australia Limited.

*The adoption of the new Constitution.

Caption: ATSA president, Geoff Purtill, Astris Lifecare clinical educator, Tracee-Lee Maginnity and ATSA executive officer, David Sinclair.