Cambodian specialists in arts and crafts have training programs for people with disability. Artisans Angkor is a showcase for traditional Kymer arts and crafts and approximately five per cent of the people working in the workshops have a disability, which can include hearing and verbal impairments or a mild physical disability.

The organisation has pioneered a new training policy in Cambodia, designed to give professional skills to young people with limited education and disability. Workers earn a higher than average salary and also receive social and medical welfare. The company has trained over 260 apprentices since 2012 and employs over 1200 people including about 800 artisans. There are 48 workshops in 14 sites in Siem Reap province.

Learning new skills, experiencing field practice, understanding the raw materials and being proud of the work they produce is at the heart of the training methods. Developing self-awareness and promoting personal development also forms an important part of the training process, a workshop spokesman told F2L.  Profits are reinvested for social purposes by setting up new workshops in rural communities and supporting staff to access education.