Employment services group Arriba has appointed disability advocate Dr Dinesh Palipana as their ambassador to promote employment opportunities for people with disability.

Speaking to F2L about his appointment, Dr Palipana said it was a great opportunity to work with an organisation like Arriba Group to create workplaces that not only welcomes diversity but values it.

“Our shared goal is to break down employment barriers, cultivate dynamic work environments, and empower individuals with disabilities to thrive across many fields. We hope to contribute to enriching the Australian workforce, fostering a society where inclusion and innovation intersect, creating positive impacts on individuals, businesses, and the community,” he said.

And inclusive education is critical in this mission. “Preparing people with disability for successful employment and dismantling physical and attitudinal barriers cannot be understated. We need environments that not only welcome individuals with disability but also equip them with the necessary tools for academic success.

“We want to challenge societal perceptions and break free from constraints that restrict people with disability to pigeon-holed roles. It’s important to support people with disability in all fields. By doing this, our world benefits by having reduced health costs, economic advantages, and increased productivity,” Palipana said.

Technology plays a role in breaking down barriers to employment for people with disability. “By embracing cutting-edge technologies and forward-thinking approaches, we can create opportunities for individuals with disabilities to thrive in diverse and dynamic work environments.”

Commenting on the collaboration, Arriba Group CEO and founder, Marcella Romero, said:  “Dr Palipana brings a wealth of experience and expertise that will be instrumental in reshaping our approach to inclusion in the workplace. His journey serves as a guide for us to leverage unique perspectives for collective success. Together, we look forward to cultivating an environment where diversity becomes a driving force for ground-breaking ideas and solutions,” she said.

 Palipana was the first quadriplegic medical intern in Queensland and the second person with quadriplegia to graduate as a doctor in Australia and co-founder of Doctors with Disabilities Australia.