Kymberly Martin

An A-List for autism

National online platform, MyCareSpace, is partnering with disability organisation AFDO to build an online hub for young people with autism, thanks to a $1 million Federal Government grant.


Dubbed “The A-List’ the hub will give young people with autism, their families and carers the ability to search for and book ‘autism-friendly’ activities from both mainstream and specialised organisations around Australia, including peer support groups and community options. The A-List will also include training videos and online resources that focus on overcoming social challenges, goal setting and decision making.

It will be delivered with support from consortium members including the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations (AFDO), Autism Community Network and Autism Aspergers Advocacy. 

“MyCareSpace is currently working with young people on the spectrum as well as autism friendly creative agencies and web developers in a co-production process and plan to have the website up and running in the latter part of this year,” MyCareSpace founder, Nicole Gamerov told F2L.


“Many young people with autism do not have friends outside their families. The resulting social isolation has significant health and wellbeing consequences for these young people and their families.  Even when they receive NDIS funding for social activities, many people find it difficult to find options that suit them. The A-List will address the shortage of social options as well as access to information,” Gamerov said.

According to COO, Bianca Shapiro the site will also provide a marketplace for the providers of these services and increase the options available. “This is an ambitious project and we plan to make the A-List ‘the place’ to search, choose, and book all types of social activities and groups for young people with autism,” she said.

There are currently over 205, 000 Australians diagnosed with autism, however when families and support networks are included it is estimated that more than 800,000 Australians are impacted by autism.  

For more Information about how to be part of the A-List visit: