Brunswick Private HospitalThe ACCC will oppose the proposed acquisition by Healthscope of the Brunswick Private Hospital from Healthe Care.  Preserving competition was a key factor in the decision, said Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chairman, Rod Sims.

“The proposed acquisition would result in Healthscope acquiring its closest and most significant competitor for the supply of private rehabilitation services in northern Melbourne,” Sims said.

The removal of Brunswick Private as an independent competitor to Healthscope for rehabilitation patients would be likely to result in substantial lessening of competition, he said.  Further, Healthscope would face only limited competition from two hospitals located in Melbourne’s inner east.

“The location of a rehabilitation hospital is important and most patients who live in the northern suburbs would have few or no alternatives to Healthscope following the proposed acquisition.”

Sims said preserving competition was likely to lead to innovation and higher quality rehabilitation services for patients in the future.”

The ACCC received information from market participants that Brunswick Private Hospital is a growing and major competitor to Healthscope’s Dorset Rehabilitation Centre and North Eastern Rehabilitation Centre for the provision of rehabilitation services in northern Melbourne.

Brunswick Private Hospital is the largest private provider of rehabilitation services for Melbourne’s northern suburbs. Healthscope is a large national provider of private hospital services.

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