Kymberly Martin

A video clip on coping with Covid-19

Carl Thompson has a disability and as an assistive technology user, he has an interesting short, five-minute film about living in the coronavirus induced lockdown in Melbourne. The film is about the monotony and anxiety many people have experienced being “trapped” in their homes who are concerned about the future.


“It’s a bit of a heavy topic, I know! I promise there is a happy twist at the end, one that rhymes with “yuppie,” he said. “The video is quite short, but I’m wondering what assistive technology you can spot throughout?

“If you like it, I would appreciate your vote. There is a blue ‘vote now’ button underneath the video. You will be sent an email confirmation, which you need to click on otherwise your vote doesn’t count!

“I hope the video resonates with you in some way and I am keen to hear what you think about it.”

Watch the video at the following link: